New at the Henry Doorly Zoo This Season

Monkey's at the Zoo

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the best and most beloved zoos in the country, with new exhibits opening all the time highlighting new animals, areas of the world, and activities to help children and adults alike expand their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

This year, the zoo has added or will add a range of new exhibits, like the Asian Highlands exhibit, which was partially opened in 2018 but won’t fully debut to the public until May 17, 2019. Finishing touches are being added now, and when it does open all the way, visitors will feel completely transported to Asia, walking past streams and up misty mountain paths past tigers, snow leopards, and sloth bears.

The zoo also announced recently that there will be new behind-the-scenes experiences that offer more information and closer contact with the animals. Backstage passes will be available for the zoo’s giraffes, the Center for Conservation and Research, the aquarium, the octopus habitat, and more.

You can even attend the Animal Art Experience, where one of the zoo’s animals will create a one-of-a-kind painting with colors of your choice. Each Friday a different animal artist will be featured, with artists including snakes, turtles, small mammals, and lizards.

If you need a vehicle to transport your entire crew to the Henry Doorly Zoo, consider one of our vehicles here at Huber Chevrolet.

Practice Responsible Driving Habits During Omaha Beer Week

Impaired Driving

Nothing warms you up during a cold, Omaha winter like a pint of tasty beer and a delicious, warm meal. Thankfully both of these things are easy to come by during Omaha Beer Week, which takes place this year from February 15 to February 24. While you’re out enjoying special beer week events and drinking unique foamy beverages from local breweries and bars, be sure to practice safe, responsible driving habits.

Have a Designated Driver

The best way to enjoy the many events of the Omaha Beer Week safely is to secure a designated driver for the night. Pick someone you can trust to remain sober, and let them be your chauffeur. Having a designated driver assigned ahead of time takes away any question as to who is the most fit to drive. If you have to ask, chances are no on should be behind the wheel.

Have a Backup Plan

If, for some reason, your designated drive falls through, you need to find another sober ride home. Many bars and breweries are more than happy to call a cab for you so that you can get home safely. You can also download rideshare apps ahead of time so that you can call a car on your own.

We at Huber Chevrolet wish you a happy and safe Omaha Beer week.

See A Christmas Carol at Omaha Community Playhouse

Christmas CarolingThe Omaha Community Playhouse continues its annual tradition with another fantastic run of A Christmas Carol, the classic holiday play based on Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella. Ticket pricing and availability depends on the day and time of the show, so visit the OCP website now and grab your tickets!

Featuring wealthy Ebenezer Scrooge, the unfortunate people who work for him, and a series of ghosts trying to make Scrooge a better person, A Christmas Carol reminds us to look beyond materialism and appreciate the true joy of Christmas: giving, kindness, and being with family.

The Omaha Community Playhouse’s production exemplifies the emphasis on community and altruism in the play, since every part of the play from costumes and the orchestra down to the cast dinner is being sponsored by a local business. Huber Chevrolet is proud to be part of a community so devoted to lifting up the arts and the people of Omaha.

Despite the spooky element of the ghosts, A Christmas Carol is suitable for all ages, and your whole family is sure to enjoy the elaborate costuming, eye-catching special effects, and brilliant performances by the OCP actors and orchestra musicians, all of whom are locals of Omaha and the surrounding area.

We here at Huber Chevrolet wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Check Out the Thanksgiving Lighting Ceremony in Omaha

Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Start the holiday season off right by attending Omaha’s most festive event. The Thanksgiving Lighting Ceremony in Omaha will take place on Thanksgiving Day—Thursday, November 22, 2018, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. This is the perfect family activity to indulge in after a filling holiday meal.

The event will take place at Gene Leahy Mall, located at 1302 Farnam Street in Omaha. Arrive early to get a good view. Starting at 5:40 p.m., the event will host a special performance by a surprise guest. At 6 p.m., Mayor Jean Stothert will start the countdown to the lighting, all while the Jingle Bell Brass Band plays your favorite Christmas tunes.

When it’s time, the entire mall will light up with thousands of white lights. After the mall lights up, walk around and enjoy the glow with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and check out what some of the stores and restaurants are offering. The holiday lights will be aglow every night after the Thanksgiving Lighting Ceremony from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. through January 1.

Some of the Old Market restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving include 13th Street Coffee & Tea Company, Dubliner Pub, Liberty Tavern, and Ted & Walley’s Ice Cream.

Here at Huber Chevrolet, we wish you and your crew a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Upcoming Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette Has Been Spotted

2015 Corvette

Before a highly-anticipated vehicle is released, there tends to be a lot of hype, meaning a lot of car geeks are trying to sneak a peek at the model before the automaker officially announces it. We just happen to be car geeks here at Huber Chevy, and we’re freaking out about the recent spying of the new mid-engine Chevy Corvette, due to be released for the 2020 model year.

Two models were spotted being tested on the Nürburgring in Germany. While still in their strange, black-and-white automotive camouflage, this most recent look is vastly improved from previous caught-glimpses where the 2020 Corvette was decked out in loose black curtains. Details identified in the recent spying include large intake vents on both sides of the vehicle and a significant splitter that comes out under the front lip of the vehicle. There is also a prominent vent, very much like a race car, stationed right in front of the rear wheels. Of course, the brand-new Corvette also features the model line’s iconic four-lamp taillights in the rear. Also for the rear, this ‘Vette sports a square-tipped four-pipe exhaust system.

Maybe Chevrolet let us steal this glimpse to heighten the hype: If this is the case, they sure were successful, because we can’t wait to see this gorgeous mid-engine Chevy Corvette hit the streets.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Gets New Towing Technology

new towing technology
Can You Hear Me Hauling For You?

Fans of the Silverado family of trucks are anticipating Chevrolet’s introduction of the truck’s next generation. Totally redesigned for 2019, the Silverado is getting a new look, new technology, and new features, up to and including some recently-unveiled new towing technology. These towing systems will be put in place to make the process of towing and hauling safer and easier than ever before, adding an extra layer of innovative confidence to the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

myChevrolet App

The myChevrolet app has been around for a few years. Now smartphone users and Silverado drivers can use the app to enhance their truck’s towing. You get a glossary of towing terminology, towing checklists, and a trailer lighting test at the tip of your fingers.

Advanced Trailering System

Available on most trims but standard on the LTZ and High Country models, the Advanced Trailering System encompasses a full suite of individual systems working together to make towing a breeze, such as Auto Parking Brake Assist, a camera system, and Hitch Guidance with Hitch View.

Trailer Theft Alert System

Among the new towing technologies is a system put in place to monitor whether or not the trailer is connected to the vehicle. If the trailer becomes detached, the truck’s horns and lights are activated, and users with an OnStar subscription will be notified.

If you’d like to learn more about the latest Chevrolet Silverado model, be sure to visit Huber Chevrolet in Omaha, NE.

Plan Your End-of-Summer Road Trip in a New Chevrolet

Summer Road Trip
Road Trip With Your Best Friend

The Best Summer Road Trip Ever

An end-of-the-summer road trip is a great way to bring the whole family together. Whether you’re visiting landmarks in the region or traveling across the country, taking any one of the many cars, trucks, or SUVs in the Chevy lineup is bound to make your ride more enjoyable. Not only are Chevy models dependable, but they also come with state-of-the-art infotainment and safety, comfortable designs, and great fuel economy.


One of the best summer road trip destinations in Nebraska is Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. A replica of Stonehenge built out of old cars, Carhenge is a tribute to American automakers. Chevy sedans are great for short day trips like a drive to Carhenge, especially the Impala and Malibu. Both of these cars seat five people, and the Impala was named the “2017 Best Large Car for the Money” by US News, which means you get more value for your money.

Niobrara State Park

For those who love the outdoors, check out the Niobrara State Park. This scenic area is truly stunning, and you can easily find some of the best camping spots in the state hidden away in the hills over the river. Throw your camping gear in the back of the Chevy Colorado or Silverado 1500 and start your adventure. The Colorado TRD Pro, in particular, is perfect for off-road trails, and you’ll have plenty of space for equipment.

Gulf Of Mexico

You can head to the Gulf of Mexico for an extended summer trip. You can make it to Galveston, Texas—a vacation-destination island city—in about 16 hours, though you’ll need to plan for stops along the way. An SUV or crossover like the Tahoe is perfect for long trips. The Tahoe seats seven, it has smartphone connectivity, and there’s a standard rear vision camera to help prevent collisions while reversing.

To find your ideal summer road trip vehicle, be sure to stop into Huber Chevrolet in Omaha, NE.

Explore the Great Outdoors of Nebraska This Summer

Lake McConaughy in the Great Outdoors of Nebraska
Get to exploring! Photo:

Summer is the perfect time to set out from home and explore the surrounding wilderness and wildlife of Nebraska. Rather than spending warm and lovely summer nights shut up indoors, pack up the family vehicle and hit the road. Here are a few spots we here at Huber Chevrolet recommend visiting while you explore the great outdoors of Nebraska.

  • Lake McConaughy

    • Nebraska’s largest lake reservoir is a beautiful place to visit with your family. Spend a few nights camping there and enjoy the 100 miles of beachfront in the area.
  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

    • The prairies of Nebraska give way to the scenic Scotts Bluff National Monument in Gering, Nebraska. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take a family hike you’ll surely remember, take the steep walking trail up to the top of the bluff for 90-mile views.
  • Nebraska’s Wild West

    • Explore and experience our nation’s history by traversing Nebraska’s Badlands – such as venturing through Oglala National Grasslands – and the lush pine forests of the Sandhills. Perhaps you’ll want to hold off visiting Gibbon’s Rowe Sanctuary in the Sandhills until spring, so you and your family can witness the wonderous crane migration that takes place every year. In early spring, over 500,000 cranes land at the Platte River.
  • Henry Doorly Zoo

    • If you’re not feeling quite so compelled to set out on an outdoor adventure this summer, consider visiting Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. This exceptional zoo is home to the world’s largest indoor swamp and indoor desert, and the country’s largest indoor rainforest. With such marvelous exhibits, the whole family will enjoy their day at the zoo.

If you need a new vehicle to get you to your outdoor destination this summer, then be sure to explore our lineup here at Huber Chevrolet.