The Upcoming Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette Has Been Spotted

2015 Corvette

Before a highly-anticipated vehicle is released, there tends to be a lot of hype, meaning a lot of car geeks are trying to sneak a peek at the model before the automaker officially announces it. We just happen to be car geeks here at Huber Chevy, and we’re freaking out about the recent spying of the new mid-engine Chevy Corvette, due to be released for the 2020 model year.

Two models were spotted being tested on the Nürburgring in Germany. While still in their strange, black-and-white automotive camouflage, this most recent look is vastly improved from previous caught-glimpses where the 2020 Corvette was decked out in loose black curtains. Details identified in the recent spying include large intake vents on both sides of the vehicle and a significant splitter that comes out under the front lip of the vehicle. There is also a prominent vent, very much like a race car, stationed right in front of the rear wheels. Of course, the brand-new Corvette also features the model line’s iconic four-lamp taillights in the rear. Also for the rear, this ‘Vette sports a square-tipped four-pipe exhaust system.

Maybe Chevrolet let us steal this glimpse to heighten the hype: If this is the case, they sure were successful, because we can’t wait to see this gorgeous mid-engine Chevy Corvette hit the streets.

Explore the Great Outdoors of Nebraska This Summer

Lake McConaughy in the Great Outdoors of Nebraska
Get to exploring! Photo:

Summer is the perfect time to set out from home and explore the surrounding wilderness and wildlife of Nebraska. Rather than spending warm and lovely summer nights shut up indoors, pack up the family vehicle and hit the road. Here are a few spots we here at Huber Chevrolet recommend visiting while you explore the great outdoors of Nebraska.

  • Lake McConaughy

    • Nebraska’s largest lake reservoir is a beautiful place to visit with your family. Spend a few nights camping there and enjoy the 100 miles of beachfront in the area.
  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

    • The prairies of Nebraska give way to the scenic Scotts Bluff National Monument in Gering, Nebraska. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take a family hike you’ll surely remember, take the steep walking trail up to the top of the bluff for 90-mile views.
  • Nebraska’s Wild West

    • Explore and experience our nation’s history by traversing Nebraska’s Badlands – such as venturing through Oglala National Grasslands – and the lush pine forests of the Sandhills. Perhaps you’ll want to hold off visiting Gibbon’s Rowe Sanctuary in the Sandhills until spring, so you and your family can witness the wonderous crane migration that takes place every year. In early spring, over 500,000 cranes land at the Platte River.
  • Henry Doorly Zoo

    • If you’re not feeling quite so compelled to set out on an outdoor adventure this summer, consider visiting Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. This exceptional zoo is home to the world’s largest indoor swamp and indoor desert, and the country’s largest indoor rainforest. With such marvelous exhibits, the whole family will enjoy their day at the zoo.

If you need a new vehicle to get you to your outdoor destination this summer, then be sure to explore our lineup here at Huber Chevrolet.