2020 Chevy Silverado Boasts Impressive Efficiency

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD | Omaha, NE

Are you looking for a pickup truck that offers as much fuel efficiency as it does power? The 2020 Chevy Silverado might be your answer. The newest model of the iconic full-size pickup is available with a brand new 3.0-liter Duramax turbo-diesel engine that increases maximum fuel efficiency to an EPA-estimated 23 mpg city and 33 mpg highway in models that are equipped with rear-wheel-drive. Four-wheel-drive models are almost equally impressive, with an estimated 23 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.*

This new turbo-diesel engine is an important option because it combines this fuel efficiency with a powerful performance, giving drivers access to a powertrain that delivers the best of both worlds. The 3.0-liter Duramax turbo-diesel engine boasts 277 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. When equipped with this engine, the 2020 Chevy Silverado can tow up to 9,300 pounds and carry a payload of up to 1,870 pounds. 

This is the first time that Chevrolet has offered a diesel engine option in one of its light-duty trucks since 1997. The compelling powertrain is one of many attractive features in the newest Silverado 1500, which also offers advanced driver-assist tools like Adaptive Cruise Control and a new New Advanced Trailering System.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2020 Silverado, feel free to stop by and chat with one of our teammates here at Huber Chevrolet.

*EPA estimated. Actual mileage may vary.

What is Chevy Teen Driver Technology?

Teen Driver Technology

Chevy Teen Driver technology is an exciting tool for parents available as an option in every new Chevrolet sold at Huber Chevrolet. As parents, teaching our kids good driving habits can be difficult, as is toeing the line between guidance and micromanagement. How do you teach your teen not to be distracted? How can you ensure they don’t exceed the speed limit even when you’re not in the car? Chevy Teen Driver technology helps with all of that and more.

So how does it work? To active Chevy Teen Driver, you need to go into the settings menu of your Chevy MyLink infotainment system and select the “Teen Driver” option. You’ll be prompted to create a four-digit PIN and then register a specific key fob that your teen will use. All of the features of Teen Driver will be linked to that fob, and you can de-register it at any time.

When your teen is driving the car, Chevy Teen Driver technology will effectively do five different things:

  • It will disable the ability to shift out of park for 20 seconds if the driver’s seatbelt is unbuckled.
  • It will alert the driver when they exceed a preset speed.
  • It will limit the maximum possible speed of the vehicle.
  • It will limit the maximum possible volume of the vehicle’s speakers.
  • It will mute the speaker audio until both driver and front passengers have their seatbelts fastened.

You can enable or disable these limits and customize their thresholds at will, and after your teen is done driving, you can use the PIN number you created to access report cards for your teen’s driving behavior. This report card will show everything from distance driven and maximum speed to forward collision alerts and tailgating alerts.

Contact us at Huber Chevrolet if you have any more questions about Chevy Teen Driver technology.

Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Car Antifreeze

You know the feeling. It’s the middle of the afternoon, the day is at its warmest temperature, and it’s time to enter your parked vehicle. Just the idea of the stuffy interior is already making you sweat.

Huber Chevrolet is here to help. This summer, stay cooler when driving by implementing these two strategies.

  • Park smart – When you leave your car in the sun, it pretty much turns into a greenhouse on wheels. If you can, park on the shaded side of the street (or the side that will be shaded), or under the canopy of a tree. The absolute best way to keep your car cool is to prevent it from sitting right in the sun and becoming a furnace.
  • Use a sun shade – Invest in a sun shade to put on your vehicle’s dashboard. It will help block sun rays and keep the steering wheel and other cockpit features cooler while your vehicle is parked.
  • Use open windows and AC – As soon as you start your car, lower the windows and turn the air conditioning on its maximum setting. Do this for a few minutes. The hot air may be temporarily unpleasant, but this method will help move the hot air out of your vehicle more quickly than just using one of these methods.

Contact us at our Huber Chevrolet Service Department if your AC system is in need of service. We’ll be happy to help you stay cooler this summer.

Mary Barra Confirms Electric Truck from GM

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Earlier this year, General Motors CEO Mary Barra confirmed during a call with investors that we will soon be getting an electric truck from GM, but the rest of the details are still up in the air. We’re not sure when this electrified pickup will reach dealerships like Huber Chevrolet, if it will be a full-size or mid-size pickup, or which GM brand it will be branded as.

However, our money is on Chevy or GMC — or both. Cadillac, while the new flagship brand for electric vehicles for General Motors, is known for its high-performance luxury cars and SUVs. Buick is also focused on premium cars and crossovers. Chevrolet and GMC, on the other hand, have long been honed in on pickup trucks, among other model types.

Another strong case for GMC is that even earlier in the year than Barra’s announcement (in April), Duncan Aldred, the vice president of GMC, confirmed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that GMC was considering an electric truck.

But if the Colorado and Canyon and the Silverado and Sierra are any indication, whatever truck one of those brands releases, the other will likely follow suit with its own twist on it.

We’ll provide more updates as they become available. In the meantime, view our current inventory of trucks at Huber Chevrolet! 

New at the Henry Doorly Zoo This Season

Monkey's at the Zoo

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the best and most beloved zoos in the country, with new exhibits opening all the time highlighting new animals, areas of the world, and activities to help children and adults alike expand their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

This year, the zoo has added or will add a range of new exhibits, like the Asian Highlands exhibit, which was partially opened in 2018 but won’t fully debut to the public until May 17, 2019. Finishing touches are being added now, and when it does open all the way, visitors will feel completely transported to Asia, walking past streams and up misty mountain paths past tigers, snow leopards, and sloth bears.

The zoo also announced recently that there will be new behind-the-scenes experiences that offer more information and closer contact with the animals. Backstage passes will be available for the zoo’s giraffes, the Center for Conservation and Research, the aquarium, the octopus habitat, and more.

You can even attend the Animal Art Experience, where one of the zoo’s animals will create a one-of-a-kind painting with colors of your choice. Each Friday a different animal artist will be featured, with artists including snakes, turtles, small mammals, and lizards.

If you need a vehicle to transport your entire crew to the Henry Doorly Zoo, consider one of our vehicles here at Huber Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Forecasts EV Profitability

2019 Chevy Bolt EV | Omaha, NE

If you ask the leadership team at General Motors about the future, they would probably tell you it looks pretty green. The automaker has made producing electric vehicles a huge part of its plans, which is a considerable risk. However, General Motors sees profitability on the horizon and it wants to make sure it keeps up with upcoming trends.

When an automaker builds an EV, it’s difficult to make a profit because of research expenses. This means investors might be wary of an electric-heavy strategy. GM CEO Mary Barra put their worries to rest earlier this year by claiming that GM plans for its EV vehicles to be profitable by 2021 thanks to a new architecture.

Called the BEV3, engineers at GM created the platform to support different vehicle types and classes with electric power and structural integrity. This isn’t just a dream, either, as it’s ready for a market debut in an upcoming Cadillac EV. From there, the platform will grow and move into new EVs for Chevrolet.

If all goes as planned, GM hopes to introduce at least 20 new EV models to the world by 2023, with each of them having a minimum range of 300 miles. While you can’t buy BEV3 cars yet, contact us at Huber Chevrolet to learn more about the electric vehicles we have in stock, like the Chevy Bolt.

World of Wheels Coming to Omaha in March

Class Chevy Cars

Every year, World of Wheels comes to Omaha to showcase the largest custom car show collection in the region. A variety of different vehicles are featured at World of Wheels, but at the heart of the event during its 57-year run is the hot rods. With innovation and quality craftsmanship taking center stage, this event is an awesome place for automobile enthusiasts to gather together and get excited about what they love most.

Almost all spectators who come to World of Wheels end up coming back for another round; in fact, an event surveys shows that 45% of guests have visited four or more times. Guests can submit their own vehicles to the event and be show participants or simply come to enjoy the show, including custom vehicles from the original manufacturers. Additionally, Friday will feature a special Student Career Day for students interested in pursuing a career in the auto industry.

This will be the 64th year of this O’Reilly Auto Parts sponsored event in Omaha, with tickets at the gate costing $18 for adults and $6 for kids, or discounted tickets sold through O’Reilly coming out to $16 for adults and $5 for children. Kids under five get in for free. There will even be live music, guest appearances, and special events at World of Wheels.

We here at Huber Chevrolet hope to see you there!

Practice Responsible Driving Habits During Omaha Beer Week

Impaired Driving

Nothing warms you up during a cold, Omaha winter like a pint of tasty beer and a delicious, warm meal. Thankfully both of these things are easy to come by during Omaha Beer Week, which takes place this year from February 15 to February 24. While you’re out enjoying special beer week events and drinking unique foamy beverages from local breweries and bars, be sure to practice safe, responsible driving habits.

Have a Designated Driver

The best way to enjoy the many events of the Omaha Beer Week safely is to secure a designated driver for the night. Pick someone you can trust to remain sober, and let them be your chauffeur. Having a designated driver assigned ahead of time takes away any question as to who is the most fit to drive. If you have to ask, chances are no on should be behind the wheel.

Have a Backup Plan

If, for some reason, your designated drive falls through, you need to find another sober ride home. Many bars and breweries are more than happy to call a cab for you so that you can get home safely. You can also download rideshare apps ahead of time so that you can call a car on your own.

We at Huber Chevrolet wish you a happy and safe Omaha Beer week.

Sedans vs. Hatchbacks: Which Do You Prefer?

2019 Chevy Cruze Sedan & Hatchback

Sedans are predominantly the major vehicle drivers go with in the US if they don’t drive a truck or SUV. But the five-door hatchback counterparts are growing in popularity and offer a wholly different driving experience. So where do you fit in the sedans vs. hatchbacks debate?

Sedan drivers love their vehicles because the market is so vast and there are so many options in various sizes—from compact to large. Some of these sedans have been around for decades and thus offer some peace of mind in terms of reliability. Other drivers like sedans because they offer more privacy with a locking trunk, whereas hatchbacks expose the contents of the back of your car with major window.

However, hatchbacks are highly sought after because of their superior resale value—partially because they are less common and thus harder for used car buyers to find. Hatchbacks are also more practical with rear folding seats that greatly improve the cargo area for luggage, groceries, and sporting equipment. In most cases of a vehicle with a sedan and hatchback variant, the hatchback boasts the superior cargo space. Hatchbacks are also often considered more visually appealing, likely because they stand out more easily in a sea of sedans on American roadways. If you like to make a bold statement on the road, go with a hatchback.

Here at Huber Chevrolet, we have a wide array of sedans and hatchbacks for you to explore.

See A Christmas Carol at Omaha Community Playhouse

Christmas CarolingThe Omaha Community Playhouse continues its annual tradition with another fantastic run of A Christmas Carol, the classic holiday play based on Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella. Ticket pricing and availability depends on the day and time of the show, so visit the OCP website now and grab your tickets!

Featuring wealthy Ebenezer Scrooge, the unfortunate people who work for him, and a series of ghosts trying to make Scrooge a better person, A Christmas Carol reminds us to look beyond materialism and appreciate the true joy of Christmas: giving, kindness, and being with family.

The Omaha Community Playhouse’s production exemplifies the emphasis on community and altruism in the play, since every part of the play from costumes and the orchestra down to the cast dinner is being sponsored by a local business. Huber Chevrolet is proud to be part of a community so devoted to lifting up the arts and the people of Omaha.

Despite the spooky element of the ghosts, A Christmas Carol is suitable for all ages, and your whole family is sure to enjoy the elaborate costuming, eye-catching special effects, and brilliant performances by the OCP actors and orchestra musicians, all of whom are locals of Omaha and the surrounding area.

We here at Huber Chevrolet wish you and your family a happy holiday season.